colourful illustration of Calgary sky line

Chelsea Ciolli

Developing my personal brand was perhaps one of my greatest challenges as a designer. The final design was inspired by my fine art background and a love of all things colourful.



Chelsea Ciolli logo of colour-wheel paint splatters

The logo is a colour wheel of paint splatters. The paint splatters symbolize my fine arts background, while the blending of colours plays on my digital design. Rather than the colours blending into black (as they would with paint), they blend to white (a phenomenon that only occurs in the digital arts).


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I created a printed portfolio booklet. The cover features a vector-based self-portrait and my personal logo. This portfolio is a 22-page booklet featuring my design work, a short blurb about me and letters of reference. It is available for viewing to potential employers who give me a job interview, or curious freelance clients.

Alternatively, click here to view the PDF (please note this is a 17MB PDF file).

Chelsea Ciolli Portfolio book cover


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Business Cards

Chelsea Ciolli business cards in seven different colours

My business cards feature a vector-based self-portrait. In keeping with the colour wheel theme, seven different colours of cards were printed.

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Origami Business Card

Unique origami crane business cards

I created a unique "business card" out of an origami crane. Inspiration for this piece stemmed from Sadako Sasaki's story of one thousand cranes. The cranes symbolize good luck.

The crane proudly displays my personal logo and contact information. It makes an attractive desk display piece.


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Portfolio CD case and label

Chelsea Ciolli Portfolio CD label and envelope

I created a CD envelope and label to house my digital portfolio. The CD label and front cover display my personal logo. The back covers has a short "about me" blurb as well as my contact information.

I designed the envelope to be more environmentally friendly than plastic jewel cases. Each envelope is created from a legal-sized piece of 24 lb paper.

In order to obtain your personal copy of this envelope and CD, contact me to set up a job interview appointment for a full-time position.

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My website incorporates all elements of my personal branding. The background image is a watercolour paper texture. The banner image features the Calgary skyline (Calgary, Alberta, Canada is the city I was born in, and to which I recently returned to). My logo is the sun, which casts colorful paint splatters on each of the buildings. The origami crane can be seen flying above the city. The position of his wings change as the user navigates through the site.

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