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Formation developed an on line software program. Professionals in the oil and gas field were stuck in the pre-computer age prior to Formation developing an digital, searchable table of formations. The web site's user base is rapidly growing, and its developers are continuing to develop new features.

I have worked with Formation to create elements of their software, establish branding, and design pieces for both on line and print use.



Formation Finder logo

Inspiration for this logo came from the on line software Formation developed. The "i" is styled after the pin that "drops" on to the map to mark the search term entered by the user.

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Digital Charts

Four Charts designed for Formation

I was first hired to develop digital charts, which are the key feature of this on line tool. I developed charts for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Please visit to view my work in action

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Banner Ad

Formation Finder banner ad

This banner ad was created to display on the BOE report. The purpose of the ad is to create awareness of the site. The BOE report contains news on oil and gas. Those accessing such information are potential users for Formation

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Advertising Email

Initial view of advertising email showing a man in a hard hat looking at a chart next to an oil drill

Formation procured sponsors to fund the first stages of program development. In exchange for sponsoring the company, sponsors were given an advertising spot on the site. I developed this email, which was sent to potential sponsors.

The email was designed to be scrolled through on a computer or phone screen. To view a larger version of this email, please click here.


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Formation attended a trade show put on by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Land Administration. I created this brochure for the trade show. Due to budget constraints, I designed the brochure to be printed on yellow paper. One of the company directors owned a xerox printer and a folder capable of z-folds. Utilizing this equipment allowed for a low-cost print job.

Unfolded front and back of the Formation Finder Brochure
A stack of Formation Finder brochures on a yellow table cloth at a trade show
A printed Formation Finder Brochure with the inside page showing


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Business Cards

Back and Front of a Formation Finder Business Card

These cards were cut to a smaller, non-standard size. The established "pin" icon was used on the contact information, with the name and title of the employee being the "label" for the pin. The cards were cut to a smaller, non-standard size to make them stand out from the crowd.


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Uniform Shirts

Three Formation staff wearing uniform shirts at a trade show
A close-up of the Formation Finder icon stitched onto a yellow shirt


The icon on these shirts was originally designed for display next to the url on the Formation website. This icon was later stitched on to yellow shirts. These uniform shirts were worn by employees manning the Formation booth at trade shows.

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